A multi cuisine restaurant, Grapeviine creates a symphony of flavours that leaves its guest with an experience that is difficult to forget and a scintillating taste that lingers on long after the meal is over.

Standing two stories tall, it comprises of an air conditioned restaurant, a well stocked bar, a romantic terrace, conference rooms and a few banquet hall options ensuring that no matter what the occasion, you can always celebrate it with us.

At Grapeviine, attention is paid to every detail! The finest ingredients, the highest levels of hygiene, the expertise of leading chefs, personalized service and attentive staff. All this and more at a price that will definitely make you come back for more.

The casual atmosphere makes you feel at home and it’s not long before you find yourself letting your guard down…. Conversation and laughter flowing freely around your table. Experience this and you will immediately realize why we have named our eateries Grapeviine!

Eat everyday….. The Grapeviine way!!!